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Sammamish search engine optimization company

How Search Engine Optimization Helps Website

Business owners are implementing all different strategies to speak out to the members of their target audience. In 2015, failure to use tools available on the internet is a major mistake because so many other businesses are. Choosing a Sammamish search engine optimization company is useful for business owners because a Sammamish search engine optimization company helps owners to speaking to the needs of an increasingly tech-savvy population.

When individuals are interested in the products or services that a particular business offers, they often visit the company's website. Instead of necessarily going right over to the store, people will check out the site to learn important details about the company. When people go to the website, they need to see something that is visually appealing to them. That is a part of search engine optimization. When customers come to the site, they should be engaged by the content. Therefore, the material needs to not only appeal to the population at large, but it also has to suit the needs of the target audience members.

The visual appeal of the website is one of the elements that matters. However, the site also must be easy to navigate. Individuals do not want to come to a website and have to spend an extreme amount of time trying to navigate to the information that they want. When people visit a website, they should be able to find the pages that they need in a fast and efficient manner. If they do not have the ability to get the information they want in a short period of time, then they could very well end up going to another website. Working with the search engine optimization professionals helps businesses to create WebPages that are easier to navigate and that are not bogged down, or slowed down, by unnecessary advertisements.

On top of creating websites that are easy to use and that are appealing to the members of the target audience, the content must be strong. When search engine optimization first came into fruition, getting as many keywords and phrases as possible into the content was of supreme importance. Now, keywords and phrases still serve integral roles, but search engines tend to favor websites that are able to integrate the information in a natural way. People do not want to read copy that sounds as though it was written by a robot, and working with the professionals help to ensure that the content sounds natural. Also, search engines prefer sites that have relevant and fresh content. The search engine optimization professionals are useful in helping businesses to create appealing sites with engaging content.

When companies decide to work with these teams of individuals, they are saying "yes" to the professional touch. Trying to attempt all elements of search engine optimization alone is difficult for a business because they do not necessarily know all of the ins and outs associated with the process. Therefore, when businesses work with the search engine optimization experts, they are able to gain extremely valuable information.

Want To Be An Expert In Your Niche? Here's How

"I Hereby Dub Thee, Super Duper Pooper Expert! Now Go Forth And Do Business!"

If only it were that easy to become an expert – just get someone to tap a sword on both your shoulders as you kneel and PRESTO! You are the go-to person for your niche.

Wait – it actually can be almost that easy.

The first thing you need to know about becoming an expert is WHY you want to be one. When you are viewed as the expert, people want to buy your products and services. They also want to promote you. Whether it's sharing your stuff via social media or interviewing you for the news, you become THE person in your niche that people gravitate to.

The second thing to know is HOW to be seen as an expert, and it works like this: You need to ACT like an expert, THINK like an expert, and SPEAK like an expert. And all three of these will become natural when you believe you are indeed the expert. But what if you don't believe you're an expert? Then start acting like you are and your actions will bring about the belief.

Of course, none of this is of any value if you don't have a clue when it comes to your niche. That's why constant study and practice in your field is essential. You've got to know what you're talking about, and the best way to do that is to learn from others as well as from your own experience.

So how do you get others to view you as the go-to person, the expert they should do business with? Here are 12 methods:

1. Choose your niche carefully. It's much easier to be a great big fish in a small pond than a whale in the ocean. For example, if you want to be a business coach, you've got a ton of competition. But if you coach massage therapists on how to grow their businesses, you can very quickly become a whale of a fish in that particular pond.

2. Act like you have a list of thousands, even when making your debut blog post. Be a professional from day one by imagining you have thousands of people depending on what you say and do. Sure, the only person reading your blog is your grandma, but keep in mind that's going to change soon. The debut post you write today will eventually be read by hundreds or thousands of people, so make it good.

3. Use a great incentive to build your list from Day 1. Yes, offering to keep them updated on your blogposts will yield you some subscribers, but offering a coveted bribe will get you far more. And if your incentive isn't ready yet, just tell them what it is and that by adding their email you'll send them a copy the moment it's ready.

4. Write a newsletter. Yes, an actual newsletter. And do it weekly. Put it in PDF form so readers can download it. Anything in PDF has a higher perceived value, probably because PDF's are often paid for.

5. Interview experts for your newsletter. When you have an expert interview inside your PDF newsletter, it raises your own perceived stature considerably.

6. Hold webinars. This is less effective in the online marketing niche because it's already done so extensively. But if you are in any other niche, offer to hold webinars and give free teaching. You can make these offers via social media and also to list owners. Your goal is to get in front of and help as many people as possible. Make sure they sign up for the webinar – this allows you to capture their email address. And if you don't yet have a product of your own to promote, offer individual or group coaching at the end of the webinar. Split proceeds with the list owner (if there is one.)

7. Guest blog. The more high traffic websites you can appear on, the better. Always insert your short bio at the end and offer them your free incentive to click your link.

8. Pay attention to what people ask you – it's important. The questions you receive are a great indication of what's on the minds of your prospects. Find ways to answer those questions in a straight forward manner.

9. Skip the big words. You might think being an expert means using a lot of big words and fancy phrases, but what being an expert really means is have the capability to help others further their goals – no fancy lingo needed.

10. Find your voice and your message and stick to them. You don't need to know everything about everything. What you do need to know is a whole lot about a whole little. Choose your stand on a topic and make your best case – don't try to make everyone else's case as well. For example, if your stand is that massage therapists can do 100% of their own marketing and do it completely through the internet, don't tell them how to hire a marketing agency or place a newspaper ad – tell them how to do their own online marketing. That's it.

11. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can if you want to, but you don't have to. You might think that to be an expert you've got to be constantly thinking up new ways of doing things, but that's not true. 99 times out of 100 it's best to stick with what works. For that 100th time, make sure you test it yourself before advising anyone else to try it.

12. Recycle your content. A blog post can become an article in your newsletter, which can become the content for your latest video, etc.

Remember: When you think, act and speak like an expert and have the knowledge to back it up, you ARE the expert. It really is that simple.

6 Diabolical Tricks To Turn Strangers Into Die-Hard Fans

Have you noticed there are some marketers who struggle for years to build a responsive list and only end up with a burnt list of people who won't open their emails? Conversely, you've also witnessed new marketers busting into the scene as complete nobodies, and in no time at all they're commanding lists of mega thousands of eager and loyal followers. So how do they do it? What do the Frank Kern's of the world know that we don't?

It really all boils down to one thing – how you craft your content. Whether you're shooting videos or scribbling down your thoughts, there are certain tricks that will make others want to follow your every word and even buy your every product.

1. Don't just tell – show them with stories. Even the shortest of stories can be helpful in captivating your audience and sticking you and your info to their brains like glue. For example, depending on where you went to grade school, you might have been told two different ways to spell arithmetic. One of course is a-r-i-t-h-m-e-t-i-c. But the other is “a rat in the house might eat the ice cream.”

Which one do you remember decades later? It's the rat mnemonic of course, because that one little sentence tells you a story of a rat in the house maybe eating the ice cream. You only have to hear it once to remember it.

More importantly, as Robert McKee says, “Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.”

Stories captivate, increase your open rates and conversion rates, and even hypnotize your audience. Do you want people read your content and follow your suggestions? Then become a master at storytelling.

2. Use cliffhangers and open loops.
You're watching your favorite TV show when BANG! One of your favorite characters is shot. Will he live? You don't know, because the show ends and guess what? It was the last episode of the season. Now you have to wait until the start of the next season to see if he lives and to find out who did it. That, my friends, is the classic cliff hanger. There is action and suspense but no closure. It's unresolved. Unfinished.

And human nature dictates that we very much NEED to have that closure, so we tune in next season to get it. Of course, we never really do get closure because every episode leaves us hanging in some way – hence the popularity of soap operas, despite the bad acting and ridiculous story lines.

So let's say you're writing a series of emails or blog posts, and you end each one with a promise to reveal something in the next. It can't be just anything – it's got to be something that preys on your audiences' minds, making them eager for the next installment. For example, maybe you're dong a series on traffic generation. You outline a method that works well, then promise to show them how one little change can instantly triple the results. Tune in tomorrow to find out what that is. :-)

Open loops work much the same way, only the cliffhanger comes at the beginning of the content and the answer comes at the end. These are especially great in sales letters and longer blogposts and videos. You might promise at the very beginning to reveal 3 foods that effortlessly melt pounds – and then say something like, “But before we get into that, did you know that there are really easy, simple techniques you can use to burn extra calories throughout your day?” They are compelled to continue reading (or watching) if they want to discover those 3 foods that melt away pounds.

3. Engage the senses. First, use words that activate the senses, such as dazzling and glowing [visual] crackle and sizzle [auditory] fluffy and slippery [touch] delectable and refreshing [taste] fragrant and spicy [smell].

Second, use video. Video engages far more of the senses than the written word, and as a bonus, it can actually be faster than writing.

4. Be funny. This one tends to scare marketers - “But I'm not funny!” they say. The thing is, most people are genuinely funny when they are being themselves. This is not the place to try your stand-up routine or recite jokes you learned as a kid. Instead, it's the time to show your not-so-perfect side, to laugh at yourself, and to find the humor in everyday life. If you need help with this, read “Make 'Em Laugh and Take Their Money: A Few Thoughts on Using Humor as a Speaker or Writer or Sales Professional For Purposes of Persuasion” by Dan Kennedy. I think Dan might also get the award for longest book title ever.

Okay, so WHY do you want to be funny? You probably already know the answer – people like people who are funny. They relax when they're in a good mood. They want more of that good feeling, and so they continue to consume your content looking for that feeling. And perhaps most important of all – people buy more and buy more happily when they're in good humor.

5. Grow your genuine personality. Whatever your personality is, magnify it and grow it to the point of being bigger than life. People follow bloggers, not blogs. They follow a marketer, not a marketing website. They follow you, or they don't follow at all. Be hot. Have the personality that appeals to your ideal prospect.

And then take it a step further and be DIFFERENT. Look at what everyone else is doing in your niche, and then go in a totally different direction. Be contrary not for the sake of argument, but for the sake of shedding an entirely new perspective on a problem or challenge.

6. Don't be normal. Don't be a cookie cutter. SURPRISE people. Do the unexpected. Make them stop dead in their tracks. Shock them. This isn't so hard – just look at what's normal in your niche and then do something else.

In fact, if you were to follow only one piece of advice out of this entire article, it would be to see where the herd is going and then call them into an entirely different direction. You won't get the entire herd to follow you, but you will captivate their attention. And those who do follow (and you'll be surprised at how many do) will follow you to the ends of the earth.

18 Steps To Creating Best Selling Products

Whether you've never created and info product before, or you've created dozens and you're still not looking forward to your next, this short guide is for you. Just like anything else, when you have a step-by-step plan to follow, it just makes it so much easier than trying to “wing” it and magically (hopefully, somehow) put together a product people will happily purchase from you.

One thing we're not going to cover in this tutorial is niche selection and knowing you've got a hungry market for your product. We've covered that in previous issues, and you can also find plenty of info about niche selection online. Our focus today is actually creating the best product possible to make the most sales possible and to boost your credibility and bank account in the process.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we're going to assume your product is an ebook, but the steps to making any kind of info product are quite similar.

The 18 Steps To Awesome Product Creation

1. Narrow your focus. One of the most difficult steps of all in creating your product is figuring out what the darn thing is about. Perhaps the most common mistake new product creators make is trying to cover EVERYTHING about a topic. When you do this, you come up with a generic piece of work that generally doesn't help anyone.

So instead, you want to narrow your focus as much as possible. For example, instead of “How to win elections” which is just too broad, you might narrow it down to “How to win local elections.” And you could narrow it even further to something like, “How to win local elections against an incumbent when no one knows your name.” Now that's specific and highly marketable.

Don't worry that you're being too specific – anyone wanting to win a local election is likely to pick this book up, including the incumbent who wants to be ready against the young upstart.

2. You are the expert. Yes, really. The moment you start to create your new product, or even THINK about creating your new product, a gremlin is going to sit down on your shoulder and tell you that you do not know enough. You're not an expert. There are people who know more about the topic than you. And so on.

Bad news: The gremlin is right. There probably ARE people who know the topic better than you.

Good news: So what? If you know the topic better than 95% of people out there, you are an expert in the eyes of 95% of people. Now you just need to wrap your head around that and dive in.

How to boost your confidence: Research. Fill in the gaps, find out what you don't know, and learn enough to know more than 96% or 97% of other people. You don't need to be the world's foremost expert on your topic to create an info product on it, you just need to know more than most and be willing to research to find the facts and figures you don't already have. And thanks to the Internet, research is pretty darn easy. Just be sure of your sources – you don't want to give any false info to your customers.

3. One giant step. Now it's time to take a giant leap forward in your progress. In fact, what you do right now will save you time and make your product better, so plan to invest real effort into this.

You're going to create a DETAILED product outline. Think of your outline as the road map for your info product and it will keep you from getting stalled or going in the wrong direction in creating your product.

Fill your outline in with just as much detail as possible with chapter headings, topics, subtopics, etc. If you've got pictures or videos to add, make a note of where they will go. If you find the order of your chapters or sections isn't right, simply rearrange them until they make sense. The more effort you put into this outline, the easier the entire rest of the process will be for you.

If you want a super simple outline maker tool, try this...

If you find yourself getting stuck, stop stressing and just start writing. You already have a good idea of what your product will cover - you just need to get it down on paper and in the right order. And the way to do that is start writing, rearranging and adding info until you're completely satisfied. When you are, set it aside and go do something else for the rest of the day.

Seriously. Go away. Come back tomorrow

4. Fresh eyes – better perspective. Now that you've got your outline, you know where you're going and you know how to get there. But guess what? You likely forgot something.

That's why now you're going to look at your outline with fresh eyes. You're no longer “you,” you are your potential customer looking over this product.

What did you miss? What does your customer need or want that you forgot to include? Fill it in.

Now go to Amazon and find books on your niche. Use the “look inside” feature to study their table of contents. You're looking for more things you may have left out of your product.

Fill in the holes, expand sections if needed and see if you're inspired to add anything new, or to even change the heading or focus on certain sections. You're fine tuning your outline so that when you get started on creating this product, it's the absolute best it can be.

One note: This is YOUR UNIQUE product. So don't think that just because a book on Amazon has a chapter you don't have that it means you must include it in your ebook. Use your discretion and stay true to the focus of your product.

5. Be one-of-a-kind. There are a ton of information products out there – a TON. So here's the big question – what makes your info product unique? It's a two-fold answer, and I can even give you the first half – your product is going to be unique because it's created by YOU. And I just happen to know that you are the only “you” in the entire universe.

That's why it's vital that your product convey your uniqueness. Your message, your style, your very essence should permeate through the product, whether it's written, audio, video or whatever. Do not sound like everyone else and above all don't come across as the latest robotic talking head. Instead, imagine you're sitting at the kitchen table explaining this topic to your friend over coffee. That's what you're going for. Are you funny? Then be funny. Are you dramatic? Then be dramatic. Whatever you are when you are being yourself, that's the voice you want to use in creating your product.

The second half of what makes your product unique is going to be by design – it's your angle, your hook, or your unique selling proposition (those are all pretty much the same thing.) Decide what it is that makes your info product different from any other info product on this particular topic. We actually hit on an example of this earlier when talking about the election product - “How to win local elections against an incumbent when no one knows your name.” Your angle is that you're teaching how to go from absolute scratch – no connections, no name recognition, no experience – and win an election, even against the person currently holding the office.

Choosing your angle or USP is vital to making a product that stands apart from all the rest and grabs people's attention, so spend some time on this.

And be sure you write it down and keep it in front of you as you continue this process. From time to time check in with yourself and see if you are sticking to your USP.

And also make sure you're giving your product your own unique brand of “you” as well.

6. Pick a number. Stick to it. At this point you might be thinking the hard part is over, you've got this licked, and your product is practically created. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It's the false sense of security we get from having made a start that often derails us. Sure, we'll get to it. Maybe we'll work on it later today. Which becomes tomorrow. Which becomes next week and then maybe never.

That's why you're going to pick a number and make a schedule. And above all, you're going to stick to your schedule, no matter what. Tell yourself that. Make a pact. Write it down. Tell your family you won't be available during your scheduled writing times. And when it's time to write (or record video, or whatever) then do it.

So what's the number for? It's how many days you're going to work on creating your product. If you can do it in five days, that's terrific. If you need 10, then so be it. But try to choose a number no larger than 14. No matter what your info product is, odds are it can be done in 14 days or less, or your topic is probably not as narrow and focused as it should be.

So pick your number, then divide your outline into that many parts. Schedule your time each day to work it. And then just do it.

7. Give A Smashing Introduction. You can write your product introduction first thing, or wait until the product is finished and write it then, whichever works better for you.

Here's what I want you to know – your introduction sets the tone for the product. It's really the “after purchase sales letter” for your product, what people read after they make the purchase but before they begin chapter 1 (or video 1, or whatever.)

You want to come out of the gate running. In fact your first paragraph of your introduction should be so on-fire compelling that no one could stop reading after that paragraph. And your entire intro should sell the customer on devouring every morsel of your product, much like a movie trailer sells the viewer on watching the movie.

Now you might be asking, “Why?” They've bought the product, so why should I care if they actually consume it? Three reasons: First, if they don't read it, they're more likely to regret their purchase and request a refund. Also, by selling them in the intro on how this product is going to change their lives for the better, you are reinforcing how smart they were to purchase the product in the first place, again reducing your refund rate.

The second reason for writing a great intro is even more important – if they consume your product and love it, what's going to happen? They're going to become die hard customers. They're going to open your emails because they want to know what you have to say. And they're going to buy your future products because they know you deliver great value.

And the third reason is because you never know which of your new customers may also be your next great affiliate if you deliver the goods. The better your product, the more affiliates will want to promote it to their customer list, the more sales you make and the more new customers you have on your mailing list.

So whether you write your introduction before you create your product to set the tone for the whole work, or you wait until the end of your product creation and write it then, make sure that introduction is a great one.

8. Use headlines liberally. Web users tend to read about 25% of what's on a web page and about 50% of what's in an ebook or e-course. Contrast that with over 90% of headlines and subheads being read, and you know exactly how to capture someone's attention: Use headlines and lots of sub-headlines.

You can write these as you're working on your project or at the end, it doesn't matter. What's important is that your headlines and subheads are compelling and draw the reader into reading further, or the video watcher into watching your video all the way through.

How do you use headlines in videos? It's easy if you're doing Camtasia videos, simply place the headlines in your slides. If you're doing screen shots you can still do slides with headlines. And if it's a talking head type of video, you can write the headline on a whiteboard or even note cards in view of the camera, you can speak them with emphasis or add them in later through editing.

9. Tell stories. Whenever possible, illustrate your points through storytelling. In fact, it's a good idea to go through your outline and look for places you can use stories to get your points across. People love stories and actually have a much easier time remembering your points if they're encapsulated within a story.

10. Cast aside your worries. Sometime in the creation process you're going to be revisited by the gremlin on your shoulder, telling you that you are no expert and have no business creating this info product.

What should you do?

Here's one trick: Open up a newspaper or go online to a news site and look at the people in the news stories. As you look at each person or read their name, ask yourself – does this person know what I know about “X?” In almost every case the answer is a resounding “no.” See? You are an expert, you know more than 97% of people out there on your topic, and you need to stop doubting yourself and just get back to work.

11. Remember to follow your outline. If you find yourself diverging from the outline, change the outline to see if your new track is going to work. If it's not, go back to the original outline.

Let's say you're writing about how to grow organic vegetables on tiny pieces of land. You find yourself writing an unexpected chapter on a method that isn't compatible with organic gardening – does it fit in your outline? Doubtful. It might work in a non-organic info product, and so you set it aside for another time. But what if the new chapter is on growing organic flowers? You might place that somewhere in your outline, perhaps near the end. Or it might become an entirely separate bonus.

12. Add graphs, pictures and illustrations anywhere it will help to illustrate what you're teaching. It's just easier for people to learn when they can see what you're talking about. Plus a good visual works just like a headline, in that it grabs attention and gets people reading. So don't be afraid to use plenty of visuals so long as each one helps in conveying what you want to say.

13. Edit your product. If you can, when you're done writing you should set it aside for 24 – 48 hours and then come back and edit it. As you read it, look for anything that might be difficult to understand and either reword it or elaborate on the point to make it crystal clear. Any language that is confusing should be eliminated. And if you've found that you rambled on about something irrelevant, by all means get rid of it.

Tips for editing: Imagine you're the intended audience reading your work for the first time. Would the reader understand what you're saying? Would they be riveted or bored? Is there stuff missing?

Trim long sentences to 25 words or less. Lose the long words and phrases and replace them with short, to the point words. Break up your text into small, manageable pieces with spaces in between.

14. Choose a layout for your ebook. Entire books have been written simply on how to layout a book, so instead of trying to cover it here, I'm going to refer you to an expertly written article for some free advice...

15. Go into Beta. That is, choose a small handful of people to show your book to, and get their feedback. Also do another read-through and look for typos and changes you want to make. Make any changes you want based on the feedback.

16. Sit back. Relax. You're just created a killer info product.

17. Don't relax for long – now it's time to get it into the marketplace. Write your sales letter, add bonuses, contact affiliates, email your list – you know the drill.

18. Rinse and repeat. Every time you make an info product it should get a little bit easier because you've done it before. In fact, don't be surprised if product ideas start popping up everywhere – you are, after all, now a bonafide product creator!

Where to Buy Gold

Choosing where to acquire bodily buy gold items is an essential choice. This write-up supplies assistance to assist you choose where to make gold acquisitions. The expertise you should discover the very best location for you to get gold includes basic know-how as well as understanding particular to gold

One method is to examine your vendors get making a little acquisition from each of the picked vendors. An additional method is to make an investment each month from a various vendor.
Right here are some gold particular points to stay in thoughts when making a decision where to get gold. As gold comes to be a lot more prominent you will certainly view several even more advertising campaigns for gold items. If it appears also great to be real-- it is!

Making a decision where to purchase bodily gold items is a really vital choice. The understanding you require to discover the ideal location for you to acquire gold is composed of basic understanding and also understanding certain to gold

After identifying precisely just what you desire to get make a listing of possible vendors. Their problems and also terms associated to settlement treatments, return plan, and also getting back. Locate or make your very own gold rate contrasts for the products you desire.
Utilize the Net to browse out any type of info you could discover on others experience with the business. It is crucial to locate an individual at the firm that will certainly be your major get in touch with.

Discover or make your very own gold rate contrasts for the products you wish.
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Blogging can be a wonderful method to position on your own as an authority and also develop client commitment-- if you're willing to commit the moment required.

Give up the advertorial dribble. Years ago some bright business owner recognized that if he composed his sales duplicate to seem that an editorial, he would certainly obtain more visitors as well as additional sales. Hence we participated in the age of the "advertorial," and it still operates in print magazines. Where it does NOT work well is on your blog site.

Yes, by all suggests advertise your products and services on your website, however do not be devious about it. Don't make it seem that a short article when it's truly a self-promotion-- it irritates your readers as well as makes them feel pull down when you've acquired them assuming they're going to learn something brand-new, just to uncover they've goinged to pay to obtain it.

Thus, do not title your blog site article, "Exposed: 35 Ways to Drive Website traffic" and then disclose absolutely nothing regarding driving traffic other than the order web link to your brand-new item. Rather, title your blog site article, "Revealed: 5 Ways to Drive Web traffic," as well as then GIVE them the 5 means.

This goes along with Pointer # 1, considering that when you're dishing regarding all the most recent updates in your industry rather than spending all your time promoting on your own, you become the expert in your leads' eyes. And that do people desire to do company with? Deal up the most recent news along with lots of how-to short articles and your readers will certainly come to such as and trust you, as well as hence want to do company with you.

Whenever feasible, make use of genuine life stories to inspire your viewers. Absolutely nothing markets like success, and also individuals enjoy to read exactly how others have gotten over the very same obstacles they're having. Whenever you're stuck for a blog site article suggestion, merely think, "Just what do my readers desire to know?

Structure viewers support takes time and even more than just fantastic info-- it also takes personality. Absolutely nothing rallies viewers like a good controversy, and also absolutely nothing makes visitors more devoted than if they know you well sufficient to assume of you as a buddy.

Use your own network to promote your blog by allowing them understand each time you have actually made a new post. Guest create for other blogs to market your own blog site. And also consistently posing individuals to discuss your blog site with others.

Posing readers to reply. The much more energetic your blog is, the more attractive it is to old as well as new viewers alike. Always ask your viewers to leave their comments on each of your post. You may even consider running a contest to see which could create the most effective response, as well as offer a prize to the winner.

Whatever it requires to raise comments is something you should think about. Not only does it make your blog appear that much more active as well as generally suched as-- it likewise offers a sense of possession per individual which takes the time to leave a comment. The more they comment, the more likely they are to mention to others about your blog and to go back to your blog site in the future. As well as make sure to react to your reader's comments so they know they're being heard as well as valued.

Do not blog unless you truly intend to. Blogging is a commitment, and while it might appear interesting and also enjoyable initially, writing a brand-new post everyday or more can acquire old, especially after the very first few weeks when you seem like nobody's been reading it. Consider composing guest blog posts for other blogs, internet sites and also e-mail newsletters if you're not certain you could keep a blog site rolling. Every author is looking for brand-new material, and being the guest blog owner or writer places you in front of a completely new audience of prospects each time.

If you're guest blogging, write a FANTASTIC sources box. This is an excellent technique of boosting your listing of prospective customers and also ending up being well recognized in your niche.

Speak with the big dogs. When they discuss the meeting to their own folks, speaking with others in your niche not just produces great material-- it also supplies you with effective contacts as well as accessibility to their readers. Go ahead and posing others in your specific niche for job interviews-- the worst they could do is claim no, and you'll be surprised how lots of quickly say yes. Remember, they would like to enhance their own audience as well, and also it's an incredible ego increase to be looked for as well as interviewed as a professional in their market.

If there is a tip # 10, it is this: Enjoy. Whatever it takes to make your blog writing fun is exactly what you must do, given that your pleasure and also enthusiasm for your subject will certainly radiate through in your posts. The even more fun you're having composing your blog site, the more delightful it will certainly be for viewers to visit and stick around.

So yes, have a blast, include humor, don't be afraid to hold yourself up as an instance to your viewers, (both great and also bad,) put your heart and soul into it, and go for it!

Whenever you're stuck for a blog site article concept, merely believe, "Just what do my visitors really want to recognize? Guest compose for various other blogs to promote your very own blog site. The additional they comment, the more most likely they are to mention to others with regards to your blog site as well as to return to your blog in the future. If you're not certain you can keep a blog site rolling, consider composing guest posts for other blogs, websites as well as e-mail e-newsletters. The additional fun you're having composing your blog site, the additional enjoyable it will certainly be for viewers to linger and go to.

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Should I use a fake Facebook Profile?

A lot of online marketers have decided to create a fake Facebook Profile because of its great advantage of being the easy way to find friends (potential customers) each and every day and getting direct contact with them by messages.
CNN on one of its articles on Social Media has declared that a total of 83.09 million fake accounts have been created. They have been created for various reasons, with a mixture of innocent and malicious purposes. Facebook has even tagged them into 3 categories: duplicated, misclassified and undesirable account.
What does Facebook think of fake Facebook accounts?

The duplicate account numbers have reached the 45 million mark of active members. These accounts are normally because people decided to create more than one account and violated one of the rules and also created accounts for their children under 13 years of age, which is against Facebook’s terms of service as well.
The misclassified accounts (22 million) are personal accounts created for companies, pets, groups, topics, etc. These are the ones that Internet marketers create for marketing purposes. These types of personal accounts are ok according to Facebook, but Facebook hascreated the Pages platform for them. The great thing about these accounts is that you are able to convert them into Facebook Pages.
And the worst ones are the undesirable accounts (14 million). People have created these types of personal Facebook accounts for various malicious reasons like: spamming and other evil activities.

The duplicate or false accounts percentage is a lot higher from places like Indonesia and Turkey than it is from the United States and Australia. That’s something really important to know if you decided what market to target if you are using Facebook Ads as an advertising method.
What Facebook is doing to fake Facebook accounts?
What Facebook says about these accounts obviously is that they are actively finding them and disabling them each and every day. They don’t just delete the account, they disable the account and don´t let the user get access to the information or to get a copy of it. They just freeze the account forever. then they will need to ask permission to Facebook’s Company in order to create a new one.

What do I do now with my fake Facebook account?

My advice is not to open a fake Facebook account. Imagine if you create a fake Facebook account for a company and then your boss finds out that Facebook has just selected that account to be kicked out of the Facebook platform. That will put you into great trouble.
If it happens to be that you have an account for businesses, pets, topics, etc. and Facebook has not shot it down yet, you can easily convert it into a Facebook Page. The bad thing is that you will lose all the information inside, but the great thing is that Facebook will convert all of your Friends into Likes.
You won’t be able to have a personal Facebook account that way; you will be login into a Facebook Page, which means you won’t be able to contact them directly by messages, only through the news feed.

But being honest is always the best option. If you still have fake Facebook accounts you should migrate them to Facebook Pages right way, which will save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

If you want to know more about how to convert a Facebook Personal Account into a Facebook Page before Facebook finds your fake accounts, shoots you down and you get in trouble with a lot of people, then click here to know how to migrate a personal Facebook account into a Facebook Page.

Most followed Facebook Apps

The trend today is all about Facebooking. The biggest and simplest way of publicizing anything about ourselves is Face-book. People spend a lot of time on Facebook just trying to know people and letting people know them. So, what else can we do to publish about what we are and how we are, differently? Here are few Facebook apps which will help us to be more innovative and creative in being a Facebook user.

Band Profile:
Everyone wants to choose a best way to let the world know about who they are and what they are up to. For people who want this, the best option is to use the Facebook app Band Profile. This is an app in which you can play your favorite songs on your profile. You can do the same on a fan page as well. Currently a huge number of 2.2 million people are following this app.

Did you just see a social cause which needs the immediate attention of as many people as possible? You can do it in your most favorite way, which is Facebook. Causes is a Facebook app. This will let you take few surveys and quizzes and generate revenue through that for the people who are needy. People, who cannot spare their time, can do a direct donation of money as well. Not only these, but for those social issues which need more focus than any other support, you can ask more people to sign petitions on these issues so that they get adequate support and visibility.

You can safely say that this is the app where you can find very funny ecards for people. You can do a lot many things to make one's day the best. You can post ecards on friends' walls; you can post these cards on your walls and tag many friends together so that the commenting series go on... It's a definitely lot more than just fun.

If there is anything else besides Facebook that people are going gaga about, then that is Music. Today, music is creating its own waves in being a favorite way of passing time for people. Not only passing time, but for many, it's become a deep interest as well. Of course, for a few of them it's a profession as well. But for those millions of people who are interested in music as more than hobby, SoundCloud is the right Facebook app. You can share a lot of music, recorded sound clips, or anything that has to do with audio. This app has an amazing security option where you can keep the shared audio either public or private between selected friends.

Bejeweled Blitz:
Like collecting diamonds? Who wouldn’t? This app is for all those who want to pick up the maximum number of diamonds in a short span of time. This game is so fascinating that more than 8.4 million Facebook users are using this app. The game gets into a real rush when, users are playing it in a 60 second time frame and they have to match a maximum number of similar jewels.

Is Facebook really effective for Internet marketing?

This is one of the most asked questions made by marketers and I would like to give you the best answer about it. The following facts have been taken from trusted sources and are living testimonials that it really is possible to make money online using Facebook. No matter what people say online, they just say it because they don´t know how to do it.

The following facts will tell us where to put our vision in order to make money on Facebook:

Retail is the Top industry that has acquired customers through Facebook: this important fact tells us that selling stuff on Facebook is the most successful way to make money on Facebook. This important statistic can easily tell us what selling approach to use for making money on Facebook.

53% of shoppers who clicked through from a friend’s Facebook page have made a purchase: this is an outstanding fact as well. This is telling us that Facebook Pages are effective to make people to buy stuff there. On Facebook there is a great amount of online marketing apps that you can easily use in order to sell stuff directly from the Facebook Page.

Consumers who followed a link to a retail site from Facebook spent an average of $102.59: as we can see with this fact, Facebook traffic is great, Facebook visitors on our website have a buying behavior, and this is very good to know. We can even put a price tag onto the traffic coming from Facebook to our website.

51% of fans are more likely to purchase from brands they “like” on Facebook: do you see how important it is to get people to like your Facebook Page. You build a strong business relationship with them. You answer their questions. They start trusting on you and finally they start relying on you to satisfy their needs because they know you will and that they won’t be wasting that $100 on you.

90% of marketers plan on using Facebook ads in the future: that is a huge percentage of marketers interested in advertising on Facebook using the paid platform. Facebook has an amazing and advanced advertising platform for marketing purposes. You can easily target any kind of people there, from any Country, State, City, Zip Code, town, gender, relationship status, if they are in high school, in college, or college graduated. This is just amazing.

56% of marketers have increased their Facebook ad budget for 2012: this is just the same as Google AdWords, if you spend more money on advertising that means you are making more money with it than what you are spending for it. This means a lot of marketers are making great money using the Facebook audience.

68% of marketers say that Facebook Ads are effective in fan (like) and customer acquisition: likes and customers are what you really need to focus on. This huge amount of marketers is doing great with it. And that means you can certainly get the same results if you know what you are doing.

The average Facebook advertising costs in 2012 were $1.21 per click, and $0.12 per CPM: if the Facebook cost per click increases year after year that means just one thing: people are making money with it, and they will stay and not care if Facebook has increased the advertising costs.

Finally, I would like to list a last fact taken from another very important social media firm. And that is the value of a Facebook like: they have discovered that a Facebook fan (like) is worth an average of $175. This varies from brand to brand. It was a 28% increase compared to the value in 2010.

Important Facebook Marketing Tips to consider

The Internet has turned the world into a global village and in particular social media has the ability to connect millions of people across the globe. It is estimated that people spend 20 minutes on Facebook every visit. If you have a Facebook page, then it is high time that you put the following Facebook Marketing Tips into good use.

One of the most important things that you should consider is the fact that Facebook provides unique opportunities that are different from any other media. For instance, you would not run a television ad on radio and vice versa. In addition, you cannot market on Facebook the same way you would advertise on a website or magazine.

Facebook Marketing Tips include not using the social site for a hard sell. People view Facebook as a fun site where they can interact with family and friends, view photos, videos and generally relax. This means that if you want to be successful in marketing on the social site, you need to join in the conversations and become a part of the community as opposed to being a marketing outsider trying to market aggressively.

When trying to sell products and services on Facebook, you should not use hard sell tactics like using some advertising slogans. In addition, you cannot provide a list of products and their prices isolated from a related conversation. The result of such actions will be that other users will "unfollow" you and even post some negative comments concerning your business.

Clear goals and strategies are required and Facebook Marketing Tips will involve creating posts each morning featuring the day's special. For instance, if you run a fast food joint, you can post a daily photograph that features a customer who is your 'Burger King or Queen' for the day. Other users can also be encouraged to post photographs of them tucking into a burger.

A human voice is required for your company since people on social media like it when they are talking with other people as opposed to a business that is impersonal. This means that the person who has been charged with the responsibility of posting on Facebook needs to have the ability to write the posts in a likeable and real sounding voice. The person posting also needs to have the freedom of expressing themselves using their own words as opposed to the official line of a company.

Other Facebook Marketing Tips includes posting on a regular basis. They say out of sight out of mind and the same is true with social media. Your business needs to be visible on social media and one way to do this is to post regularly. You can also become active in the community and post comments about other people's posts. Although it is advisable to post on a daily basis, it is much better for you to post only when you have some interesting content. Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice about marketing on Facebook is to use videos because they engage the audience and keeps them entertained.

Facebook Pages Made Easy

One of the greatest marketing tools that Facebook has provided especially for businesses is the Facebook Page (previously called the Fan Page). Facebook Pages are completely different than Personal Facebook Profiles.

Facebook pages are just amazing. You have an array of wonderful tools which you can use to create a wonderful and highly engaging webpage. Facebook knows what businesses and Internet marketers want. That’s why they provide as many marketing tools as possible called apps to help you reach your marketing goals.

Cover Image: this image acts as the header image of your Facebook Page. It’s the first thing your visitors see, so in this place you will be able to show exactly what your business is all about. You can display your products or services without showing too much text. The purpose is to show the final benefit that your product or service will deliver.

Profile Picture: this is the small image located at the left hand corner of the Cover Image. Some cool uses of the Profile Picture are for logos, products, or even a photo of yourself. That is how people will identify you in all of your Facebook posts. If your cover image shows your logo, then it’s here you may show your product or picture, or vice versa.

About area: here you will explain in simple words what your business or service is all about. You have only 150 characters to describe it. The most important thing is to engage visitors by telling them how your business is so great thanks to them.

Facebook Web Address: this is one of the greatest ideas Facebook has created. You can add any keyword on the last part of the web address to your Facebook Page--the webpage which belongs to the Facebook root domain. Imagine the search engine power this gives to your own Facebook Page

Facebook Tabs: Facebook has a collection of amazing marketing tools called apps that bring ample marketing power to your Facebook Page. You can place almost anything here, from html content to a shopping store. These tabs are absolutely extraordinary.

Posting Box: this is where all the magic begins. The Posting Box allows you to engage with both your current and future customers and clients. This tiny box is high-tech! It has so many great features that I won´t have time right now to describe everything. You will be able to see the amazing viral power of Facebook thanks to this great marketing tool.

If you want your business to shine on the web, you just need to do what all successful companies are doing as well, that is using Facebook Pages to position their businesses online. The public response is incredible! Statistics about purchases made only through Facebook are eye-opening. The great thing about it is that you can build a Facebook Page for absolutely any topic or activity, as long as you follow the Facebook Pages terms.

You can easily get direct access to our extremely useful step-by-step training system on positioning your business on Facebook on the shortest time possible.